Anigo Systems

Anigo Systems

Specialists in Mobile Software for Business

Anigo Systems is a software business that specialises in developing, delivering and supporting business applications for mobile computers, tablets and smart phones.

Anigo's premier product is Mobileezy, a complete solution for mobile product sales and distribution. Mobileezy is a mature and feature-rich product with over 10 years of development history and hundreds of customers. It runs on handheld devices with touchscreens, integrated barcode scanners, portable printers and provides communication back to the office. It is used in businesses who require or use refill distribution, mobile point of sale, cash van sales, rep sales and warehouse pick and pack.

Anigo's goal is to replace paper records in all the places where desktop and laptop computers cannot be used. Many businesses still use docket books, clipboards, form filling and similar manual techniques, and as a result, miss out on the benefits of computerised automation. They encounter the same duplicate data entry, mistakes and errors, slow processes and lack of data analysis that office systems have solved. Until now, the hardware platform to do this was missing but the modern generation of smart phones and tablets has changed everything.

There are many clipboards still out there and too many hours being lost to manual data entry systems. Mobileezy is the way forward and our aim is to help businesses improve their profitability and streamline their operations by replacing clipboards with technology!

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